Jobs of the world Series

Her eyes!!! Little girl in Dhaka, Bangladesh Melancholy, Little boy in Dhaka, Bangladesh Hopeful eyes, Little girl in Dhaka, Bangladesh The pottery man, Djerba, Tunisia Scented job, Jasime flowers in Tunisia Gardener in Vientiane, Lao DPR Sense of gravity, Little boy in Dhaka, Bangladesh Snail seller in Marrakesh, Morocco

When I travel in developing countries, I am always struck by the variety of local jobs that poor people do. These jobs are all physical, fastidious, and unfortunately in many cases kids work or are involved. It is heartbreaking. The look on their eyes is the same: a mix of melancholy, curiosity, profoundness, gravity…I feel so powerless, embarrassed…I try to have eye contact with them, smile to them…they often smile back…and I never forget them…their eyes follow me, reminding me that we need to do more and more to eradicate poverty from the world and protect kids wherever they are!